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Human Resource Development emphasis in Coal India has been set up to deal with the development of existing Human Resources as well as looking ahead with clear perspective with reference to technological advances and growth of manpower to fulfill demand of production vis-à-vis technology.

To cope up with the task emerging from strategic plan, Annual HRD plan is worked out every year to integrate HRD efforts in all the twenty six training centre located in different subsidiaries in following four segments.


I. Technical Training :

It is to provide requirement of training for technology being used in each subsidiary and any other technology being conceived at the corporate level for which preparedness is necessary to meet current shortage of skilled manpower and also preparing statutory personnel for meeting statutory obligation through training. To analyze and project requirement of personnel in critical and non critical categories as well as to prepare them so that capital and technology input to the project through capacity and new equipment or enrichment in the production process through particular systems in technology could provide appropriate return to the investment.

In order to implement the above, workers are exposed through :

* Basic Course : Appropriate to technology, equipment and system
* Refresher course : Once in three years to those who have already gone through basic course or are already working in specific skill area.
* Specialized course : In case of change in technology, in equipment configuration and capacity and improvement in the system of production, suitable input is given to all the new entrants to the critical skilled areas and have to go through basic courses, while immediate action have to be taken to conduct refresher courses for those who are occupying skilled position. Basic training have to be conducted in the company's technical training centres either within the same company or in any other subsidiary company where the facility exists. Refresher training is also conducted either on the site or in the training centres of the subsidiary company. There are around 105 Vocational Training Centres to take care of statutory obligation. Basic and Refresher training are imparted in all these training centres.

II. Management Training :

Executives at each level and at the time of assuming the charge at the new position i.e. entry to the higher level, a need based training is imparted at the Management Training Centre of each subsidiary companies for the level from E.1 to E.5 and at the apex training Centre, Indian Institute of Coal Management, Ranchi, for higher level, i.e. from M.1 to M.3 level executives.

III. Transformation Training :

A planned attempt to help those who join CIL as part of management policy and for the workmen who are required to acquire skill for movement from conventional to semi-mechanised mines with intermediate technology or at the instance of closure of mines and surplus manpower. These trainees are used as source of supply of manpower in critical and non-critical areas of skills for the technology specific to the subsidiary company.

IV. General Development Training :

With a change in the scenario with reference to status of mine, specifically in ECL, BCCL and to an extent in CCL and separate focus for MCL, NCL, SECL and WCL, the vision of the company, health of organisation - profit & loss, criteria for raising productivity, cost parameters and criteria for excellence in performance for survival of the company is propagated through intra - organisational communication as well as face to face interface with workers and supervisors in a planned way by sharing the reality of business.