Induction - Bright and talented students and professionals are hired through nation-wide competitive examinations and also through campus recruitments in order to fill various vacancies arising in the company. Hiring is followed by induction training conducted by Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM), Ranchi. This training is aimed at holistic development of candidates through theoretical inputs, personality development methods and management modules.

On-job Training – Post induction, candidates undergo on-job training in different subsidiaries of Coal India Limited

Test – Test conducted by IICM, Ranchi, for closure of training


Appointment will be as Management Trainee in Grade E2 for a period of 1 year.

On successful Completion of Training and passing the test conducted by IICM, regularization will be in grade E3 with probation for 1 year.

An executive may reach to the level of director if he performs well by 18 to 22 years.

Training and DevelopmentTRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

Coal India believes that success of the company depends largely on the skills, abilities and commitment of the employees who constitute the most important asset of the organization. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is laid on the training and development of employees all through their career. Employee development is not limited only to job related inputs. Training is conducted with short as well as long term objectives in view which results in holistic development of employees along with the organization's growth.

Training Infrastructure

Coal India has developed a strong training infrastructure through –

Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM) – It is the apex training institute located in Ranchi, and houses a world class training infrastructure which caters to not only the training needs of Coal India but also many other companies. It has residential hostels with internet broadband facility. IICM has multiple training and conference rooms fitted with audiovisual training aids. Besides, it houses indoor badminton court, swimming pool, tennis court and gym for use of participants. The Institute has full time dedicated faculty and organises training and conferences for Coal India and other companies as well. Employees of Coal India are imparted training in IICM during different phases in their career for professional as well as personal growth and career advancement opportunities.

Vocational Training Centers (VTC) – Each area has a VTC which conducts mainly work related training in regular intervals and also houses simulation rooms / equipment. Management Training Centers – Each subsidiary headquarter has its own management development center for imparting professional and managerial training to the employees of the subsidiary during different phases of their career. Executives at each level and at the time of assuming the charge at the new position i.e. entry to the higher level, a need based training is imparted at the Management Training Center of each subsidiary companies for the level from E.1 to E.5 and at the apex training Center, Indian Institute of Coal Management, Ranchi, for higher level, i.e. from M.1 to M.3 level executives.

CETI/BETI – Different subsidiaries of Coal India also have dedicated training institutes for excavation/mining related training.

Planned Interventions - For up-gradation of professional and managerial skills and abilities of employees, Coal India also provides developmental interventions designed for each stage in a person’s career. These are custom made, medium term training programmes, specifically designed to give developmental input at a particular stage in the person’s career in order to assist in professional growth in the company.

Education Up-gradation Schemes - To meet developmental aspirations of employees and match them with needs of the organization, Coal India is entering into tie-ups with institutes of repute like IIM, Indore. The company sponsors fixed size batches of employees who are inducted into these courses based on their performance rating in the company. Unlike other study leave and sabbaticals, employees undergoing these courses do not forego their salary or career growth during the duration of the course. Besides, Coal India also sponsors its employees for different academic and professional courses of short and medium term in the country and also abroad.


Coal India has a standardized and robust performance management system. It is a system designed to assess the functional, managerial and potential competence of employees in an objective and transparent manner. The system is designed such that individual performance of employees can be effectively aligned to the company’s objectives and growth. Besides acting as an appraisal mechanism, the PMS also helps employees identify their developmental needs and act on them in order to achieve professional excellence. Coal India is planning for further development of the PMS by introducing latest concepts like Balance Score Card. Also, the PMS scores will be used for the purpose of Performance Related Pay (PRP) among executives as per govt. guidelines based on individual as well as company performance.